Athletes, Take The Time to Read This: Why Mouthguards Are Essential

Athletes, Take The Time to Read This: Why Mouthguards Are Essential

Aug 01, 2022

Mouthguards or mouth protectors help cushion a blow to your face minimizing the risk of breaking your teeth and injuries to your tongue, lips, face, or jaw. They typically cover your upper teeth and are a great way of protecting the soft tissues of your tongue, like the cheek lining and the lips. Your upper teeth take the brunt of the trauma as they stick out more. Your lower teeth are a little protected as they are further back.

During collision and contact sports like boxing, there is a high risk of dental injury. One can also experience a dental injury in non-contact activities such as skating and gymnastics.

How Do Sports Mouthguards Help Protect Athlete’s Teeth?

An athletic mouth guard is worn over your upper teeth while involved in sports activities. The mouthguard forms a protective layer between your teeth and the impact point. Thus your tooth will not be knocked out if you are tackled on the football field or punched in a boxing ring. A mouth should therefore be durable enough to withstand concentrated force and resistant to tears. You should also be able to talk and breathe comfortably while wearing your mouth guard

What Are The Different Types of Mouthguards?

There are three different types of mouthguards which include:

1. Custom Mouth Guards

The custom-made athletic mouth guards, as the name suggests, are custom-made to fit your teeth. As a result, they offer a superior level of protection unmatched by anything you can buy at t a pharmacy or local store. During your dental appointment, your dentist will take impressions of your teeth to ensure that your mouthguard fits perfectly and comfortably.

2. Stock Mouthguards

The stock type f mouth guards are inexpensive as they take the “one size fits all” approach to taking care of your jaws and teeth. As a result, these mouth guards are uncomfortable, thus making it difficult for players to talk or breathe. Boil and Bite Mouth Guards

The boil and bite mouth guards are slightly better than the stock mouth guards. They are made from a thermoplastic material that softens in boiling water so you can bite into them. The material is then shaped to your teeth but is not durable and comfortable as the custom-fit mouth guard your dentist can only provide.

How Do You Choose the Right Mouthguard For Your Athlete?

While the generic mouthguard may be available at the local sporting goods stores, many people opt for the custom-made devices that are designed to fit comfortably and securely in your child’s or your mouth. This is especially true with children having braces as they can increase the risk of injuries to the child and other athletes.

Often, the off-the-shelf mouthguards will not leave enough room for your braces or might be too long to offer any protection. Hence, the parents might ask their dentist for a custom-made one to protect their child’s teeth, mouth, and braces. While these might be more expensive, the cost is considerably low compared t the costs of repairing the dental damage or replacing damaged braces, crowns, and bridges.

Some manufacturers also offer the boil and bite mouthguards that do not always provide optimal protection.

How To Care For Your Mouthguard?

You can care for your mouth guards by following the tips below:

  • Rinse before and after use or brush with a toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Regularly clean your mouth guard in cool soapy water, and then rinse it thoroughly
  • Bring your mouth guard with you during a dental check-up for an evaluation. Your highland village dentist will also give it a thorough cleaning.
  • Store and transport your mouthguard in a sturdy container containing vents so that it can dry and prevent bacteria from growing.
  • Do n or leave your mouthguard in hot water or the sun.
  • Check it for signs of wear and tear to determine if it needs replacing
  • Store your mouth guard out of reach of pets

If you want a place to get sports mouth guards in Highland Village, TX, visit Campbell & Williams Family Dental. Our staff will guide you in determining the best mouth guard for you. We also have a dentist open on Saturday, so your busy week will not prevent you from getting the treatment you deserve.

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