Dentures in Highland Village, TX

If you are missing teeth, you probably know how inconvenient it can be, as much of your diet is likely hindered by the lack of certain teeth. However, many people who are missing teeth don’t know that there can be other negative effects as well: the remaining teeth can shift in position along the gum line (into the space of the missing teeth), possibly affecting the bite, and the jawline and facial structure can be altered. To prevent this, as well as to restore function to the teeth, dentures are an effective solution. They are removable dental prosthetics and can work almost as well as natural teeth.


To have dentures made in Highland Village, TX, a number of measurements of the mouth and jaw will be taken. A model can be created of what the dentures will look like, and the patient can try this on to check for the fit. Adjustments can be made to ensure the most comfortable fit. The measurements and model will then be sent to a dental laboratory. If a complete set of dentures are being made, there will be a period of not having any teeth while waiting for the dentures to be completed. When they are ready, a return appointment to the dentist will be necessary to try them on. The dentist can make any adjustments as needed.

Another type of denture that can be made is immediate dentures in Highland Village. Unlike traditional dentures, which are made based on impressions taken after the teeth have been lost and/or removed, immediate dentures are made before any teeth are extracted. This allows the patient to wear the dentures immediately, skipping any period of being without teeth. While convenient, this type of denture is not as carefully-measured as other dentures, so it most likely will need several adjustments before it fits perfectly.

Partial dentures can also be made if some teeth still remain.

Care of dentures

Although they are not real teeth, dentures still require proper care to make them last as long as possible. They will need to be cleaned daily and stored in clean water when not being worn.

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