Root Canals Aren’t as Scary as You Think

Root Canals Aren’t as Scary as You Think

Dec 12, 2018

At Campbell & Williams Family Dental, we know that a lot of people feel anxious at the thought of having to get a root canal done because they think it’s a painful procedure. But we suggest you start thinking about it this way instead: If the goal of the treatment is to relieve pain and restore the tooth to health, you’ll actually be getting rid of pain instead of continuing to experience it!

Root Canal Treatment is a Painless, Simple Procedure

At Campbell & Williams Family Dental in Highland Village, we offer numbing agents and various levels of sedation dentistry to ensure that you’ll hardly feel anything during your procedure. And although you may feel a small amount of pain afterwards, it will soon go away with the help of over-the-counter pain relievers.

The Myth of Root Canals Being Painful Stems Back to a Time Before Modern Dentistry

The myth of root canals in Highland Village, TX being painful stems back to a time when dental tools were more primitive than they are today and to a time when numbing agents and sedation dentistry were not available.

You may Still Need a Root Canal Even If You’re Not Experiencing Any Pain

Another reason some people avoid emergency root canals in Highland Village is because they’re not experiencing any pain. This leads them to falsely believe that if there’s no pain, there’s no need for the procedure. But the fact remains that a root canal may be necessary if you have an infected tooth, a tooth that has had previous extensive dental work done to it, a tooth with large fillings that can no longer be replaced, or a chipped or cracked tooth that cannot be repaired.

Campbell & Williams is Committed to Your Dental Health

Although modern dental technology is constantly advancing, we know there’s never a reason to use an artificial tooth to replace your natural tooth unless absolutely necessary. We are committed to preserve your natural smile whenever possible. Our friendly, professional, and compassionate staff is dedicated to you and will ensure your comfort and quality care. If you want to learn more about how root canal therapy in Highland Village, TX can help you regain your smile, please make an appointment today!

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