Provisional Restoration Information: What You Should Know

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Provisional Restoration Information: What You Should Know

Jul 01, 2020

As the years go by, dentistry is getting more and more advanced. With this advancement, there come more effective procedures such as dental implants, which takes more time to prepare and manufacture. During the preparation, it is imperative that a patient feels confident and still enjoys his/her smile. That’s where provisional restorations come in.

What Are Provisional Restorations?

Provisional restorations are replacements used temporarily to help patients eat properly and also test how the permanent prosthetic will be like. Until several years ago, the quality of provisional dental restorations was wanting. All they did was fill the gap left behind and improved nothing. This reason made many people fail to see their needs and never considered them as they waited for their solution to be prepared.

However, all that has changed, and for that short waiting period, most patients are required to wear them. Luckily, the quality for provisional restorations has improved, and there isn’t much of a difference between the permanent solution and the one used in the interim.

Functions of Provisional Restorations

In addition to improving your smile during the waiting period, provisional restorations play the following other roles:

  • They reserve the space meant for the permanent restoration by stopping surrounding teeth move towards the space left behind.
  • Protects the reduced natural teeth prepped for restoration.
  • Preserves the natural contours and health of the gums surrounding the affected area.
  • Protects your exposed dentin from plaque and bacteria.
  • Helps prevent tooth sensitivity.
  • Enhances normal speaking and eating.

Importance of Provisional Restorations

Most patients are not even aware of provisional restorations, leave alone their importance. However, the truth is they play a vital role in the overall process. Maybe the reason why most patients don’t know about them is that dentists fail to fully explain their benefits.

At Campbell & Williams Family Dental, we take our time to explain provisional restoration benefits to our patients. One of the primary importance is they improve one’s smile by sealing the gap left behind.

Additionally, provisional restorations can help improve the fit and feel of your final restoration. This action saves both the dentist and the patient a lot of time by reducing the number of visits to the dentist during preparation.

The restorative restorations facilitate normal eating and speaking. If you require provisional restorations in Highland Village, TX, you can talk to us, and we will help you out. You can be sure of exceptional services.


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Common Questions about Provisional Restorations

Since the concept of provisional restorations has still not yet settled with people, there are a lot of questions about it. Among the most common questions:

Is Provisional Restorations Always Necessary?

For treatments that take time, such as crowns and implants, they are necessary. At Campbell & Williams Family Dental, we will never choose a treatment that is not necessary. Our aim is to provide our patients with the highest level of service.

We will use this treatment if you are here for veneers, crowns, implants, or bridges. These provisional restorations help us, and you see what the final treatment will look like, plus the other benefits.

Does Provisional Restorations Require Special Care?

Even though the quality of these restorations has drastically improved, they are still not as strong and durable as permanent teeth. For this reason, you will need to be careful with your food choices.

Our dentist in Highland Village, TX will provide you with measures you need to follow while using the provisional restorations, but most of them are just common sense. For example, avoid chewing hard things such as ice and nails with your temporary restorations and wear a mouthguard while playing physical sports.

What Should I Expect With Provisional Restorations?

These restorations are made in a dental lab, and they use impressions of your natural teeth. The dentist prepares and attaches them. You should remain with yours until the permanent restorations are ready.

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What Does Provisional Restoration Process Involve?

The whole process does not involve any pain, and it is fast and simple. On the first day, we will take your teeth’ impressions and send them to the lab so that custom provisional restorations can be prepared. After a few days, we will book you an appointment to place them. You can talk to us if you are in Highland Village looking for provisional restorations near you.

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