How Children’s Teeth Erupt and Fall Out

How Children’s Teeth Erupt and Fall Out

Jan 03, 2019

Parents are always concerned about the well being of their tiny tot. However, there are few things that make them petrified and tensed such as their child losing their first baby teeth. Parents may not even consider the idea of seeing a children’s dentist in Highland Village, TX as they feel their child is too young for a dental examination. However, it’s always beneficial to take your child to visit pediatric dentists in Highland Village, TX right from the early age so that you can prevent their teeth from getting cavities or decaying.

Here’s a Look at Some Basic Information that Parents Must Have about Teeth Eruption and Fall Out:

Baby Teeth

Your child will have as many as 20 teeth till the age of 3. In some children, eruptions can be quite quick when there is no tooth one day and eruption on the next day. The teeth usually erupt in the front bottom first and then you can see some eruptions in the front top. The eruptions will then move towards backside where molars are the last ones to erupt.

First Loose Tooth

This is really exciting for few parents and kids; the time when the tooth fairy visits. However, it can be scary for some kids. Generally, a baby tooth will begin to loosen up to make a way for the permanent tooth. The permanent teeth will take due course of time for erupting and they will appear in same order as baby teeth did.

The first lose tooth is usually experienced by a kid at the age of 6, but some kids can also experience them at the age of 3. However, it’s too early to lose baby teeth and you must see a dentist.

Accidental Tooth Loosening

There are times when the tooth gets knocked out or becomes lose before the permanent tooth erupts. If it happens with your child, you must see a kids dentist in Highland Village, TX who can use a spacer for making sure that the teeth remains aligned. There may be spacing issues in future if the space of lost tooth is left as it is.

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