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Dentist Custom Mouth Guard vs. Store Bought

Dentist Custom Mouth Guard vs. Store Bought

Mar 26, 2019

Dentists prescribe mouth guard to people for protection of teeth. Now, choosing the right mouth guard is important in order to attain optimum protection for teeth. The guard protects teeth from thrust or force. In many cases, sportspersons or athletes are commonly noted to use the sport mouth guard. You can also find dental night guard, which protects teeth from grinding at night. Now, purchasing the night guards is generally regarded a costly affair. Buyers can commonly find two types of teeth guards. The first one is store bought guard and the other option is custom mouth guard. In the following section, difference between these two is discussed. You can get good quality mouth guards at Campbell & Williams Family Dental.

What Type of Mouth Guard Is Most Suitable for You?

Different kinds of mouth guards are there. They differ in terms of their performance, design, quality of materials, comfort and many aspects.

Sports Mouth Guards

Youngsters use sports mouth guards quite commonly when they participate in outdoor or indoor sports, especially when the sporting event consists of physical activities. This type of mouthguard is made with stiff plastic, and it gives good protection. The positive thing is that their mouthguards are highly affordable. The negative thing is that material is hard and that can potentially cause damages to the gum area. Keeping these guards inside the mouth for a long time is quite uncomfortable.

Dental Night Guard

Nightguards are more comfortable than sports guards, as the material is softer. According to experts at Campbell & Williams Family Dental, this type of mouthguard is suggested to those, who face teeth grinding issues at night. It is affordable, but not durable as thinner plastic material is used.

Custom Night Guard from Dentists

Store-bought mouth guard is affordable, though not durable. Nevertheless, it offers comfort, but the comfort factor is not optimum. If you want utmost comfort with your night mouthguard, you need custom guard from Campbell & Williams Family Dental. These guards cost high, though they are safe, comfortable and durable. Personalized teeth guard is designed as per the unique shape of your jaw. This is why the best level of comfort is assured.