Everything You Need Know About Crowns and Bridges

Beginner’s Guide: Everything You Need Know About Crowns and Bridges

Aug 01, 2021

Your pearly whites were made to last for a lifetime. This is why they are protected with the strongest substance in your body – enamel. However, this doesn’t mean that your enamel is indestructible. A little bit of neglect each day can go a long way, and a few years down the line, you could be dealing with tooth decay, gum disease, or even tooth loss.

For this reason, our dentist near Highland Village insists that you make a point of visiting us at least twice a year to keep your smile healthy. However, if your teeth have been damaged due to decay or trauma, or you have missing teeth, we also offer crowns and bridges in Highland Village.

Crowns and bridges in Highland Village can help restore your teeth’s look and function. Without further ado, let’s get to see what they are all about.

Fast Facts About Dental Crowns

There are times when your tooth can be severely damaged that a filling cannot repair it. This is where dental crowns come in. They are designed to encapsulate the damaged tooth; therefore, protecting it from further damage. Picture them as hats worn over your damaged teeth.
They are excellent if your tooth root is not damaged and there is still tooth structure left. Once they are placed, they will strengthen the weakened or damaged tooth. They are often used to cover severely stained teeth that cannot be whitened using traditional teeth bleaching treatments.

Dental Bridges Overview

On the other hand, dental bridges are not used to cover damaged teeth but replace missing teeth. They literally “bridge the gap” left by the missing teeth. For them to bridge the gap, they are made of two distinct parts:

  • Pontics. This is the replacement or false tooth that covers the empty socket
  • Crowns: Two crowns are fixed on each side of the pontic so that they can hold it in place

However, a bridge needs you to have sturdy and healthy teeth on either side of the empty socket. This is because the crowns fixed to the pontic have to be anchored on your teeth to ensure that they are stable. This will help them function like your natural teeth.

What Are the Types of Bridges and Crowns Available?

We have four types of crowns at our dentist’s office near you:

  • All-Porcelain – These are excellent for restoring front teeth since they blend well with the rest of your teeth
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal – All-porcelain crowns are not sturdy. So, this type of crown is stronger since it’s fused to metal. The porcelain covers the outer part of the crown, while metal is on the inside. So, it has pleasing aesthetics, and it is strong.
  • Base metal alloys – These crowns are fashioned from non-noble metals, which are very sturdy and resistant to corrosion
  • Gold alloys – These are made from gold, copper, and other metals, making them incredibly durable

Also, you can expect to find four types of dental bridges at our dentist’s office near you:

  • Traditional bridges – They are the most popular. They have a pontic attached to two crowns, one on either side of the pontic
  • Cantilever bridges – They are similar to conventional bridges, but instead of having two crowns, they have one attached to the pontic
  • Maryland bridges – These are slightly different. The pontic is attached to a metal or porcelain framework instead of crowns. The framework is then fixed on the back of your teeth that are adjacent to the empty socket. They have pleasing aesthetics and are the best option if you need to replace missing front teeth
  • Implant-supported bridges – They are appropriate if you need to replace several missing teeth. They use dental implants for anchorage instead of frameworks or crowns.

How Long Will a Crown or Bridge Last?

Nothing can compare to having your natural pearly whites. However, crowns and bridges in Highland Village can do an excellent job of restoring your smile. How long bridges and crowns last depends on how well you care for them.

However, you can expect them to last for seven to 15 years, but they even last longer if you have great oral hygiene and maintain regular dental check-ups.

Reach out to our dentist in 75077 at Campbell & Williams Family Dental for crowns and bridges.

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