What is a Provisional Restoration Used For?

What is a Provisional Restoration Used For?

Feb 01, 2022

When you have missing teeth or dental imperfections, you may need dental restorations like bridges or crowns. Unfortunately, these restorations require a lengthy procedure. Also, it can be challenging to tell how your teeth will look after they are fixed. Luckily, we have professional restoration in Highland Village, TX, that can give you a glimpse of what you can expect. They also cover your teeth as you wait for them to be made.

What Does Professional Restoration Mean in Dentistry?

Provisional restorations are frequently used to provide a temporary prosthetic until a permanent restoration is constructed. Patients can try out the appearance and feel of the final prosthetic before it’s fully formed and fitted to make any necessary modifications. Modern provisional restorations are more functional and aesthetically appealing than past temporary ones. Temporary restorations are made of a high-quality acrylic resin that mimics the appearance of the teeth.

What is the Purpose of a Provisional Crown?

There are many reasons why a dentist might choose to use a temporary dental restoration. It is usually done in the mouth to keep the tooth’s protection or to keep it safe while it heals.

It can also be used to protect a tooth that has been damaged or is vulnerable to further damage until it can be restored.

Sometimes, when teeth are extracted due to severe dental reasons, a temporary restoration until the area has healed. Many different types of temporary restorations can be used for this purpose.

Other purposes of provisional crowns include:

  • It prevents tooth movement and reserves the space for permanent fixtures
  • The provisional dental crowns and veneers protect the teeth from sensitivity
  • They preserve the health and gum contours
  • Protect the dentin from bacteria
  • The restorations facilitate normal eating and speaking

Does One Need Provisional Restoration Throughout the Dental Treatment?

If you’re getting a new crown, bridge, veneers, dental implants, or any other long-term restoration, you may need to have a provisional restoration. Temporaries might be used to ensure that your new prosthetic is comfortable and aesthetic.

What to Expect During Your Provisional Restoration Procedure?

Getting a provisional restoration near you is not complicated. The restorations are produced in a dental laboratory based on impressions and digital photographs of your teeth. A “wax-up” will be created before the temporaries are built. The dentist will clean your teeth and prepare them for the provisional restorations. They will stay attached to your teeth for some time until your final restoration is placed.

The temporaries will protect your teeth and gums, keep the space open for the final restoration, and maintain the aesthetics of your smile. They may feel a little bit strange at first because they are not permanent, but you’ll be able to go about your day as usual.

Do the Provisional Restorations Need Any Special Instructions?

Depending on the sort of dental restoration you are having, your temporaries might only need to be worn for a few days to a few weeks or for several months.

Keep in mind, though, that provisional restorations are less sturdy than final restorations. Because they may get damaged, you should pay attention to your dentist’s recommendations for caring for your temporaries, including good oral hygiene, dietary restrictions, and the use of protective mouth gear during sports or high-impact activities.

Who Should Wear Temporary Dental Restorations?

Provisional restorations are used to help you through any immediate dental issues before your final restoration can be placed. For example, if you have chipped a tooth or lost a filling, it might not be safe for you to wait until your next dental appointment to get your tooth fixed. In this situation, your dentist might place a temporary restoration in the spot of the missing filling or chipped tooth.

When placed by an experienced dental professional, temporaries can help you maximize your time and money as you strive for oral health.

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