Can Flying Give Me a Toothache?

Can Flying Give Me a Toothache?

Oct 31, 2018

In a word, yes it can. Fortunately, this only happens when you’re on the plane and changing altitude. No permanent harm is done. Healthy teeth are not affected, but teeth that have fillings or other dental work are at risk of causing you an unpleasant flight.

Why Flying Can Give You a Toothache

Flying can give you a toothache and a bad one at that. It’s caused by how changing pressure affects the volume of even microscopic amounts of trapped air in your dental work. Aerodontalgia—tooth pain due to flying—is real, but it’s no threat to your healthy teeth.

Aerodontalgia usually happens when your plane is ascending. As the outside air pressure decreases, tiny, even microscopic pockets of air inside tooth fillings try to expand, putting pressure on nerves.

Managing Tooth Pain While Traveling

The best plan is to plan ahead! See your dentist at Campbell & Williams Family Dental in Highland Village before traveling.

Before Your Flight

If you’ve had tooth pain before your flight, come to see us at Campbell & Williams Family Dental in Highland Village, TX. Untreated cavities and cracked teeth can be very painful when you fly, but we can get you fixed up and ready to travel. Any dental problems that you’ve been struggling with will be aggravated by the changes in altitude.

During Your Flight

Teeth will be more sensitive until you touch down. During your flight, avoid icy drinks, especially sodas. Bring dental gauze if you’re recently had oral surgery. It’s common for surgical sites to bleed due to differential pressure changes.

When to Take Extra Care of Your Teeth Before Flying

All of the below conditions need extra care:

  • Recent dental work.
  • Fillings
  • Cracked teeth
  • Early tooth decay

When You Should See a Dentist About Sensitive Teeth While Flying

See your dentist near Highland Village after flying if you experience pain while flying. Flying can cause pain in early tooth decay that can’t yet be seen. If you’ve flown after oral surgery and now have any swelling or redness, get in touch with us at Campbell & Williams Family Dental, your dentist in Highland Village, TX 75077

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