Why Does My Dental Implant Hurt When I Bite down?

Chewing Woes: Why Does My Dental Implant Hurt When I Bite down?

Mar 01, 2023

Have you had dental implants placed to replace missing teeth sometime earlier and presently experience chewing woes when biting foods? You might think of when you initially got dental implants placed in your mouth to replace your missing teeth and wonder whether you did something wrong to experience the discomfort.

You might ponder your dentist’s statement mentioning dental implants will act similar to your natural teeth and question yourself, why does my implanted tooth hurt when I chew after letting you eat and chew comfortably for several years? In such situations, you mustn’t wait to contemplate whether the implant is failing or try any remedies to control the pain. Instead, it helps if you visit the dental office near me to ascertain the reasons for the discomfort and obtain necessary treatment because the pain might result from several issues.

Possible Causes for Dental Implant Pain during Chewing

It is reasonable for you to expect some pain from a dental implant. However, you can rest assured that the dental office that provided the implant will help to get you back to your regular activities without dental implant pain.

As mentioned earlier, there are several causes for dental implant pain when chewing after several years. Below are the reasons for your reference.


Peri-implantitis infects the gum line surrounding your implant. This infection is similar to gum or periodontal disease and can affect your natural and implanted teeth. The infection results from bacteria building up on your gums to cause inflammation allowing the microorganisms to enter your bloodstream and affect your jawbone. The chances of noticing the symptoms of peri-implantitis are unlikely in the initial stages. However, if you want to know what to look for, you can prevent this infection in its early stages.

You might experience pain at the site of the dental implant placement besides halitosis, an awful taste in your mouth, swollen lymph nodes, bleeding gums, and mobile implants. Unfortunately, determining the original peri-implantitis is challenging because it might be from excess dental cement when attaching your dental crown, especially if you received treatment from inexperienced dentists or inappropriate dental hygiene. Therefore, if you experience the symptoms of this infection, you must not wonder why my dental implant hurts when I chew but schedule a visit to the dental office providing the implants for advice.

Generally, removing the infected tissue and providing antibiotics helps treat the condition. In addition, the treatment allows you to retain your dental implant or replace it with the dentist after your mouth heals.

Evaluating the Fit and Placement of Your Dental Implant

When experiencing dental implant pain during chewing, it is essential to evaluate the fit and placement of your dental implant. For example, if the dental implant is incorrectly placed or the dental crown atop it is too large, it can irritate the bone around the placement when chewing. In such cases, you will feel pain during chewing, and the discomfort doesn’t appear overnight because it builds up over time.

You must receive treatment for a painful implant if a bad bite is causing the discomfort. If you leave the condition untreated, you might injure your jaw and become a victim of TMJ disorders. You can receive treatment for this condition by visiting dental implants in Highland Village to evaluate the fit and placement of the implant and get the replacements necessary to improve your bite.

Damaged Teeth

Rarely can your implant damage the adjacent teeth resulting in pain? Implants are best placed between your teeth to ensure they don’t cause crowding. However, if you have crowded, the implant will not move like your remaining teeth, making you feel the pain of shifting teeth and pressure on your implant.

In such cases, the implant dentist suggests removing the damaged tooth or replacing your implant as a remedy for your situation. Therefore you must choose an experienced dental implant provider to ensure you fix and prevent additional problems.

Treatment Options for Dental Implant Pain during Chewing

Dental implants successfully provide patients with long-term dental restorations or missing teeth. However, they can occasionally cause pain and discomfort during chewing for the reasons mentioned above.

If you want to receive treatment for your painful dental implant, Campbell & Williams Family Dental is experienced and has the knowledge to eliminate your pain to return your mouth to a healthy condition. You can even have dental implants placed from them to replace missing teeth. Consult them today to ascertain the genuine reasons for your dental implant pain seeking help to eliminate the discomfort.

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