Advantages of Dental Implants in Highland Village

Advantages of Dental Implants in Highland Village

May 19, 2020

Finding a tooth replacement solution for yourself can be overwhelming. On one hand, you want a quick solution, so you do not have to spend another day without teeth. On the other hand, it matters about the quality of service you get, because this is not something you would want to be doing every other day. Fortunately for you, there is such a thing as dental implants. They are not only effective, but their durability and stability make them the perfect choice for patients seeking to replace their teeth.

What Are Dental Implants?

They are metal fixtures used as oral appliances for replacing missing teeth. They are different from all other alternatives for replacing teeth, right from the material used to make them. For one, they feature titanium metal. This makes them very sturdy, rivaling all other oral appliances. While there isn’t an appliance that can rival the strength of natural teeth, dental implants near you come pretty close.

Secondly, dental implants replace the roots of teeth first. Most oral appliances for tooth replacement are made for replacing the exterior of teeth. Only dental implants in Highland Village cater to the roots of our teeth. An implant is inserted in your jawbone. This will replace the root part of your tooth. After a couple of weeks when your mouth has properly health, a dental crown is installed over the implant. This acts as a replacement for the external part of your tooth. Overall, dental implants in Highland Village TX are considered the most complete form of tooth replacement.

What is The Procedure for Installing Dental Implants?

The procedure is commonly termed as implantation. It consists of several steps that ensure the metal fixture is properly secured in your jawbone. Some of the things to anticipate from the procedure include the following:

  • Local anesthesia – our mouth has to be numbed before the procedure. Adding to that, another type of sedation may be used to help you remain calm, given that this is a surgical procedure.
  • Gum incision – this features a small opening that is made on your gum tissue. It exposes the bone structure of the implantation site. This allows the dental expert to figure out the perfect location for the implant.
  • Drilling – the jawbone is then drilled, creating room for the implant. This, however, only applies to specific types of dental implants. For others, your jawbone may remain intact, as the metal fixture is placed on the surface of the jawbone.
  • Implantation – this is the step of inserting the metal fixture in the created space. It is done carefully to ensure it fits perfectly int the space drilled for it.
  • Closing the site – this last step involves sewing the gum tissue back together. It is an important step because it allows for healing to start. After this step, you will have to go home and nurse your wound for a couple of weeks. It is important to give your mouth ample time for healing. This time will ensure that the dental implant integrates properly with the jawbone and gum tissue. The stability of the dental implant relies on the proper healing of the implantation site.
  • Dental crowns installation – on a different dental visit, your dentist will install a dental crown. This is used to cover the top part of the implant, giving it a more natural look. The dental crown will have been made following the impressions of our mouth on your previous visit. The installation only involved a dental bonding process. Special cement will be used to attach the crown to the implant. It is then cured and adjusted accordingly.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Implants have been used widely in dentistry, with up to 98% success rates. Dental experts are even encouraging more patients to consider this alternative for tooth replacement. However, to be fully convinced, consider the following benefits:

  • Permanency – unlike dentures, you do not have to keep removing and adjusting your implants. They are a permanent solution.
  • Sturdiness – the titanium material makes implants very reliable for their strength, especially for the back teeth.
  • Durability – dental implants last the longest among all other tooth replacement appliances. With proper care, you can have them for a lifetime.
  • Stability – since they are embedded in your jawbone and underneath your gums, they are very stable.
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