Many Cosmetic Concerns Can Be Addressed by Dental Veneers

Many Cosmetic Concerns Can Be Addressed by Dental Veneers

Jan 01, 2020

People with cosmetic concerns such as chipped, broken, discolored or smaller teeth can now rest assured they can find a suitable remedy for the problems in their mouths with dental veneers. These are thin tooth-colored shells that can be attached to the front surface of the tooth to improve its appearance. Porcelain and resin composite material is often used for making dental veneers that are permanently cemented to the teeth.

People have the option of getting just a single veneer if they have a broken or chipped tooth but it has been observed that many people are getting 6 to 8 veneers to create a symmetrical smile. The top eight front teeth are the most common recipients of veneers.

What Options Do People Have When Choosing Dental Veneers?

Porcelain is the material most commonly used to make dental veneers. When people prefer to apply traditional dental veneers from dental veneers near them they must be prepared for intensive prep work when compared to alternatives that are also available and known as no-prep veneers. This variety is less invasive and does not take much time to be cemented to the teeth.

When people approach dental veneers in Highland Village, TX, the dentist attending to them will be grinding down the structure of the tooth and may even go past the enamel during this procedure. It allows for proper placement of the new veneer but is irreversible and can cause pain. The procedure will be performed under local anesthetic.

Veneers cannot be considered as similar to crowns or implants. They can just cover the front surface of the tooth. Implants are used to replace the entire tooth and crowns also encase the tooth completely. Veneers can only cover the front surface which is visible when smiling.

The Benefits of Dental Veneers Explained

Improving the appearance of your teeth is perhaps the biggest benefit of dental veneers. They can give you an even and a brighter smile. Dental veneers in Highland Village often recommend them to treat the following cosmetic concerns:

  • Chipped or broken teeth.
  • Gaps between the teeth.
  • Smaller than average teeth.
  • Unusually shaped teeth.
  • Severe discoloration that cannot be fixed even with whitening treatments.

Depending on the type of veneer chosen they can last for over a decade. They can be considered as a semi permanent investment that can make you smile more confidently.

How Are the Veneers Bonded to the Teeth?

Dental veneers in Highland Village, TX, takes between one to 2 weeks for the veneers to be placed on your teeth. This is after the dentist takes a mold of your teeth for the dental laboratory. After they are returned you can schedule an appointment to have them bonded. The dentist will thoroughly clean your teeth before the placement to prevent bacteria from being trapped under the veneer and causing problems. A grinding tool will also be used to roughen the texture of the tooth which is the recipient of the veneer. The grinding makes it easier for the veneer to bond to the tooth.

Dentist near you in Highland Village, TX will also make use of dental cement to bond the veneer to the tooth along with ultraviolet light to harden the cement. You will be displaying your new smile to the world as you leave the office of the dentist.

What Is the Cost of Dental Veneers?

The consumer guide to dentistry states that traditional veneers can cost in the region of $ 925-$ 2500 per tooth and each placement can last up to 10 to 15 years. Veneers are not covered by insurance because of the cosmetic nature of the process. The cost of veneers will depend on factors like the type of veneer chosen, the brand name available with your dentist, the cost of living in your area and the experience of the dentist. If costs are a concern you can consider no-prep veneers which cost around $ 800-$ 2000 per tooth but last for just 5 to 7 years. Under the circumstances, the better option for you would be to choose traditional veneers because these are the most cost-effective option.

Regardless of the type of veneer, you choose you can rest assured that you will walk out of the dentist’s office with a bright smile hiding all the concerns you had about your mouth behind the new placements.

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