What Are Bite Guards and How Can They Help Us?

What Are Bite Guards and How Can They Help Us?

Feb 01, 2020

The problem of bruxism which causes people to grind and clench their teeth is a pretty common condition that causes pain and is destructive to the teeth. Thankfully options in the form of nightguards are available on the market for anyone who grinds or clenches their teeth while sleeping.

The problem of bruxism is quite common and many people may not even be aware of the grinding they are indulging in. They usually wake up with dull headaches, face pain, soreness in the jaw and fatigue because the condition disrupts sleep. It also causes the partner of the individual to hear the grinding on many occasions.

When the grinding takes place occasionally it does not cause any major concerns but if it’s a regular habit it can potentially cause loss of teeth, loss of tooth enamel and broken teeth. The precise reason for this condition is not known but a belief exists that stress and anxiety have a role to play besides the use of alcohol, caffeine, smoking, snoring, sleep apnea, crooked teeth or an abnormal bite.

How Can You Get over the Problem of Bruxism?

Discussing the problem with your doctor or your dentist in Highland Village, TX will be a beginning to understand the reasons behind the grinding or the clenching. Your doctor would try to determine if you are suffering from any of the underlying conditions like stress or anxiety before recommending any treatment for bruxism. Your dentist will be looking at your teeth to observe signs of breakages, loss of tooth enamel and any other causes that may indicate you are suffering from this condition. Both would advise you against smoking, consuming excessive caffeine or alcohol or correcting an abnormal bite or crooked teeth with help from an orthodontist. Dentists may also suggest the use of bite guards which can be worn while you sleep. These appliances are also known as night guards, bite splints and nocturnal plate bites.

The appliance functions by putting a barrier between your teeth and when you clench your jaw when sleeping the appliance help to lighten the tension to cushion the muscles of the jaw. The cushioning helps to prevent pain in the face and the jaw and also protects your teeth enamel. The appliance is similar to remedies that have been developed for snoring.

Where Can You Purchase the Appliance?

These appliances can be purchased over the counter from many drugstores or even retail outlets but getting one custom-designed by your dentist will be the better option. Custom made appliances can be fitted differently according to your specific needs and will offer a comfortable fit.

Types of Appliances Available in the Market

You will have no difficulties finding different types of appliances being offered on the market in variances of hard, soft, and dual laminate. Each variety has its pros and cons and trying to find one suitable for your needs will be challenging unless you have adequate knowledge about these products. You must understand that manufacturers of these products haven’t customized the appliances for anyone but go by the dictum of “one size fits all” that may be suitable for some people but unsuitable for your needs. Therefore it is suggested that you rely on the experience of your dentist to provide you a custom made appliance that can appropriately deal with the problem of bruxism.

Getting an opinion from a doctor or dentist is essential before deciding that you are suffering from this problem that can easily be dealt with by either professional. You do not have to remain concerned about the problem as long as you have made an effort to discover the root cause and are searching for a remedy to deal with the same.

Who Is Your Best Bet against Bruxism?

The best chances of overcoming the problem of bruxism lie with your dentist who can provide you bite guards in Highland Village. The dentist can offer you a custom made appliance that could be developed in a dental laboratory after an impression of your mouth is taken for the purpose. The appliance may be just what you need to give your jaw some relief when you sleep because it will help you to stop grinding your teeth at night.

The dentist offering bite guards in Highland Village, TX, will offer you the thinnest possible appliance recommending that you continue wearing it for 4 to 6 weeks until you become accustomed to it. The appliance will feel a lot easier to wear after the specified timeline. The dentist will also offer you tips on how to wear the appliance and care for it after it is removed from your mouth. Over some time you should be free from the problem of bruxism and stop grinding or clenching your teeth altogether.

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